Last week I was on a bit of a high. After all, I had two books atop Mushroom’s bestseller list. I was working on book III, and felt as though I might have it ready to send off soon. I had a cover design I was happy with.

Now I am suffering not from writer’s block, but something more like writer’s depression.

It started when Ketha fell from the #1 spot. Yes, I know it had to happen, but couldn’t it have lasted just a little bit longer? (more…)

Very near the 100,000 word mark on Book IV, and I have just finished what will be the climax of the action part of the story. Had to say goodbye to another old friend, probably my second favorite character in all the books. It actually made me tear up a little. But never mind, I hope my readers find his end worthwhile, and a little bit sad too.

Now all that remains is the “scouring of the Shire” as I like to call it. To those of you unfamiliar with “Lord of the Rings” (shame!) that is the denouement. (more…)