It is the depth of winter here in “Sunny Dunedin” so I thought a cheering picture might be appropriate. I’ve just returned from a job interview with NZ Post, which would provide me with some part time inside work to do until the end of the year. I’d be manning a window in a recently closed branch, handing out packages. Only three hours a day, but hey, it’s more regular than Postie work.
The Universe seems to be herding me slowly and steadily towards attempting the MSciComm Master’s program at the University of Otago. I have a source of funds, a couple of really interesting potential topics for a non-fiction book, and a job that will end Dec 31st, if I am offered the position for which I interviewed today.
Which is all good, because nothing is happening on the fiction-writing front. Rather than forcing myself to sit down and write when I am hating it, I’m just going to get back to blogging and other pursuits. Maybe I’ve said everything I want to say in a fiction capacity?