December 2007

I need to do some serious rewriting on the first six chapters of my newest book. It is lacking a certain “je ne sais quoi.” Well actually I do know what. Not enough conflict. My problem is that I like all my characters too much. I am attached to them, and I don’t want them to suffer. (more…)

Best wishes for a lovely Yule season!

(No posts for a week or so. We will be spending time at the beach.)

DH bought me an inverter so I can run my laptop on a big battery!! Now I can write while down at Asa Bay…

I have come to a decision point in the story for book IV, and I am a bit flummoxed. There is a character, who has been with me since book I, one of the good guys. I feel as though we have been through a lot together. But now, in this early battle scene. I know that someone has to die, to add to the dramatic tension. But this guy? I really hate to kill him off. (more…)

After looking at my blogging buddy Susan Shay’s site, I have decided to go all festive and post a picture of our Christmas tree. Tree

I know it looks a little funny, but we always cut the top out of one of the big pines we have on our property. That way the tree goes on living, and we get the smell of fresh pine tree inside the house.

I will tell you a crazy thing about living in the south part of New Zealand. Right now, at Christmas time, it doesn’t get dark until almost 11 pm. So there is absolutely no point in putting Christmas lights up anywhere. 😦 I really miss them. In the USA, the kids and I always used to drive around the neighborhoods and admire the lights. A few people do put lights up here, but who wants to be driving around at midnight to look at them? (more…)

I used to think that getting a publishing contract would be the end of my struggles as a writer. Of course, now I have one, I see that it is only a way point on the road to becoming…


Being published was my goal. It has happened. Now I must find a new goal. I have some ideas: (more…)

Spent a day and night at the beach house this weekend. We had really nice weather, warm and sunny. Did a little painting and maintenance on the house, went for walks, saw a young seal and a penguin on the beach. Not many surfers around, as the waves were small. Sometimes there are ten or fifteen in the water, when we have a big surf. Some people have told me that Purakaunui Bay is a premium surfing spot and people come from all over the world to try their luck there. (more…)

Where does it come from?

Every author struggles with it from time to time. So-called writer’s block. In my case sometimes it is a question of too many ideas, and I can’t decide which way I need to turn in the story.

What is satisfying to the reader? What is off-putting?

It is difficult to quantify these things. Sometimes I write and write, and nothing seems to fit well with the story I am trying to tell. I get frustrated and go and do something else for awhile. I go to bed, wake up at 3AM and the answer is there.

Where does it come from?

Is the perfect novel hiding in my mind, waiting for me to just write it all down? There is an old joke that it is easy to be a sculptor–all you have to do is carve away all the bits of stone that don’t look like the thing you are trying to sculpt.

Writing is a bit like that too. Just find the words to describe what you want to describe. Easy, right?

I wish I knew how and why inspiration works for me, but maybe, as with magic, to understand how the trick is done destroys the illusion.

Maybe I should just stop asking questions?

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You might have noticed a row of cute little buttons on the bottom of my last post. These are icons for the various social networking sites out there. I don’t know much about any of them, except for Stumble, which I do use myself from time to time. But I have been told they are a good way to increase traffic on a blog, so I thought I would give them a try.

It is a mildly technical operation to get them there, as WordPress doesn’t make it as simple as dragging a widget but I figured it out after a lot of trial and error. I had to use the CODE EDITOR!!! (scary…)

So if you like what you read, please take a moment and add my blog to any networks you subscribe to.  Thanks!

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The weather has gone all southerly, after a couple of glorious weeks of sunshine. Good for the garden though, as everything was getting pretty dry. Good for me too. I am in one of those happy modes when the words are coming pretty easily, and I want to sit at my keyboard all day and write, write, write.
It remains to be seen whether any of those words will be of use in the long run. I can’t read over things right after I have written them and have any sense of their quality. It is like there is a another area in the brain that they must be written to first, and then I can see them in a different way. Something like the “objectivity lobe.” Sometimes stuff takes a looonngg time to get there . tee hee.

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My book has hit the aether, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have rearranged my blog so that the HofH page loads first, but you can still see the latest entry in my blog by looking at the box on the right.

I have been checking out the various eBook retailers to see if I am there.  So far I have found my book on and  Soon I hope to be on Amazon, Fictionwise and, but they take a few days to update their sites.

And yeah, I bought the first copy!  

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