June 2008

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I haven’t managed a single word on Wintermoon Ice over the last two days.  But I have a good excuse.  I had a positive reply from an agent to whom I sent a query letter last week.  He asked for a five page synopsis and the first chapter of Heart of Hythea.  I worked like mad to get everything formatted properly and sent it away today.  It is only a small step in what will certainly be a long process, but I was pleased to make it past the first gate.

I have sent out about eight queries and this is the first nibble I have had. (more…)

Thanks to my good buddy Andy, who keeps an interesting blog here, I have added a little bit of code to keep up with my progress for “Wintermoon Ice.” I think it will be motivational, or maybe depressing–we will see…

Just wrote the first 1000 words of a brand new book. I have been procrastinating about starting. It is just so darned scary. But fun. You know that moment when you are riding the roller coaster and it is cranking up that first looong incline, preparatory to that drop that sends your stomach into your mouth? Scary fun, like that…

So many new characters, a new setting, even a new era to bring to life! I won’t really feel good until I have at least three or four chapters under my belt, and then I might start to relax a little. With me I always feel as though everything I have accomplished so far has been due to luck and I fully expect the bottom to drop out at any moment.

I have no idea how successful I will have to be at writing before I start to believe in myself. Kind of silly, I suppose.

* * * *
What I am reading: A Frozen Hell;The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940/William Trotter

What I am listening to: Analogue/ a-ha

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Just back from an awesome mini-break with DH. It is our anniversary on Tuesday, so last Friday night (Friday the 13th, I know!) we spent the night on the grounds of a Castle. Larnach Castle is a stately home that belonged to an Australian banking magnate named John Larnach. It was built at the time Dunedin was really just a frontier outpost, and everything had to be brought by ship. But the house is quite luxurious, full of rococo plasterwork and amazing inlaid wood paneling. (more…)

Not really, but I am pretty excited about being interviewed by Long and Short of it Reviews. You can check it out here…

Interview with Suzanne Francis

Started work today on character development for Sons of the Mariner. Have a tentative title picked out for book 1, but I want to think about it a little more before I post anything. The main character (female of course!) is named Dr. Suvi Rain. She has a Phd in archeology. There, now you know just about everything I know about this new book. 🙂

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What I am reading: The Island of Sheep by John Buchan

What I am listening to: Toxicity/ System of a Down

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I am happy to report I have been kicking some serious Word butt this week, and am now all but finished with Beyond the Gyre. I have to write some of the appendices, and the chapter headings, but other than that…

I am there.

It is a funny feeling. This is a story I have lived with for most of the last four years. You can’t begin to imagine the amount of mental energy I have expended on this, and hours and hours of typing and editing and…

So now it is finished, what’ll I do with myself? (Starting back at the gym would be one idea. Playing my hurdy gurdy another. Actually I have plenty of things to do. Even ugh, spring cleaning.)

But all I really want to do is get started on the Sons of the Mariner. I have the title, I have the characters,


I don’t have a story. Only the barest bones of a setting, some random articles left over from Arkafina, and an idea. So I need to go into development mode. The thing is, I have kind of forgotten the way…

* * * *

(New feature, in case anyone is interested…)

What I am listening to: B-52’s/ The B-52’s

What I am reading: John Buchan/ The Courts of the Morning

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The words are all coming very nicely at the moment and I am at 116,000 or Chapter Twenty Four. Things are winding down, a little, but I have a bit more story yet to tell. At the end of Chapter Twenty Three I had to say goodbye to another old friend, probably my favorite character in the whole series. It was tough and I have to say I shed a few tears. That part was bittersweet, because the character was happy to be moving on. (more…)