May 2008

Just about to hit 105.000 words, and I do think I have the final details of the story worked out in my head now.

Does it always take her that long? I hear you asking yourselves in surprise…

And the answer is: um…Yes!

I always have a basic story structure in mind when I start writing. In fact, I usually do a pretty detailed chapter by chapter synopsis, so that I can break the main action down into manageable chunks, and get the flow of the novel. (more…)

I am over my funk and back to writing. After I forced myself to read the rest of the review, I realized I needed to get over it and move on. Yes, it wasn’t complimentary, but many of the things the reviewer criticized were definitely issues surrounding my style and the way I chose to tell the story. I felt much better after I wrote back and thanked the reviewer for her time and said I was proud of my work, which I am!

Thank you for all the positive energy. I do enjoy writing 98% of the time, and I plan to go on doing it for as long as my fingers can find the keys!

Last week I was on a bit of a high. After all, I had two books atop Mushroom’s bestseller list. I was working on book III, and felt as though I might have it ready to send off soon. I had a cover design I was happy with.

Now I am suffering not from writer’s block, but something more like writer’s depression.

It started when Ketha fell from the #1 spot. Yes, I know it had to happen, but couldn’t it have lasted just a little bit longer? (more…)

Very near the 100,000 word mark on Book IV, and I have just finished what will be the climax of the action part of the story. Had to say goodbye to another old friend, probably my second favorite character in all the books. It actually made me tear up a little. But never mind, I hope my readers find his end worthwhile, and a little bit sad too.

Now all that remains is the “scouring of the Shire” as I like to call it. To those of you unfamiliar with “Lord of the Rings” (shame!) that is the denouement. (more…)

In addition to bringing back an Asus EEE for #3 kid, I managed to sneak in a cute little gadget for myself–a Sony PRS 505 ebook reader. I have been looking at these devices for some time, basically ever since I became a published ebook author. That is when I became aware of the enormous amount of e-media out there on the Internet. But reading on a computer screen has never appealed to me very much. A notebook computer is heavy, hot (if you actually put it on your lap,) the battery life sucks, and it won’t fit in your purse. Well, not my purse anyway. (more…)

Based on some excellent feedback I have done a second cover for Dawnmaid.

See which one you like better!

Cover 2Cover 1

Check out the new tab at the top of my blog. It is a page for Dawnmaid, the third book in the series. I’d like feedback on the cover image, if you are so inclined. I originally planned to call this book “Birth of the Dawnmaid” but when I put all that on the cover it looked cluttered and busy. (Also several people said it reminded them of “Voyage of the Dawntreader.”) “Dawnmaid” by itself gives more visual punch, I think.

Picking a title for a book is a serious business. You need something original and catchy that encapsulates the meaning of your work in only a few words. A tall order! I was pretty surprised to find that Dawnmaid hadn’t been used by anyone else. (more…)

Sitting here in LAX, in a very untidy part of Tom Bradley terminal, where there are promised renovations.  Mostly it is very hot and stuffy, as they don’t seem to have installed the AC yet.  My experiences at LAX always run something along these lines, but actually so far the trip is going well.  Saying good bye is always the hardest part, and makes the last minute rushing around all that more difficult.  But we managed it, without leaving behind people, tickets or passports.  Everything else is superfluous.

As if by magic, to take some of the sadness out of leaving, I am pleased to report that Ketha is sitting at number one in the recent bestsellers list on the Mushroom book store at the Fictionwise site.

Just click on Fictionwise on the box at right to see for yourself.  So I am feeling pleased and proud about that.

I do wish New Zealand were closer to the rest of the world though.  Neil Finn has a song, called Six Months in a Leaky Boat, where he talks about the tyranny of distance.  Tonight I am feeling it keenly.

Next entry from home.