Everything is strange in the Southern Hemisphere. Just now, at Easter, when it seems as though the world should be reborn fresh and green after the long winter, we are out gathering blackberries. It is fall here, though you wouldn’t know it to look at the trees because most of them don’t lose their leaves or color up. The weather is getting cooler, and the days are growing short. And yet I am supposed to be in the mood for Easter bunnies! It is hard. As hard as it is to feel Christmassy when there are flowers blooming everywhere.

But we did get a lot of blackberries. Enough to make four big jars of delicious jam. I will still be enjoying them six months from now, round about the time most of you are out picking fresh berries, so life isn’t so bad.

I just wish sometimes that the holidays went with the seasons.

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Best wishes for a lovely Yule season!

(No posts for a week or so. We will be spending time at the beach.)

DH bought me an inverter so I can run my laptop on a big battery!! Now I can write while down at Asa Bay…

After looking at my blogging buddy Susan Shay’s site, I have decided to go all festive and post a picture of our Christmas tree. Tree

I know it looks a little funny, but we always cut the top out of one of the big pines we have on our property. That way the tree goes on living, and we get the smell of fresh pine tree inside the house.

I will tell you a crazy thing about living in the south part of New Zealand. Right now, at Christmas time, it doesn’t get dark until almost 11 pm. So there is absolutely no point in putting Christmas lights up anywhere. 😦 I really miss them. In the USA, the kids and I always used to drive around the neighborhoods and admire the lights. A few people do put lights up here, but who wants to be driving around at midnight to look at them? (more…)