I spent Easter weekend at Purakaunui Bay, in glorious weather.  The campground was pretty full up, and the first night we were disturbed by some young men flying around the beach on a very loud motorcycle.  Rather inconsiderate.  The next day, after they left, we noted they had scattered their tent site with empty beer bottles and toilet paper.  Also inconsiderate.  I think I am becoming more and more curmudgeonly in my old age, because I can no longer identify with that sort of behavior at all.  But I probably used to do it, once upon a time.

We saw two young penguins hanging around in the long grass, waiting for an adult to come and feed them.  They looked perfectly capable of getting their own food.  I bet their parents will let them stew until they get hungry enough to hunt for themselves.  Probably some kind of lesson there.

Progress on the book is slow at the moment.  It’s school holidays again, and quiet time is almost non-existent.  But I’ve got to get some work done tomorrow!

“Having Fun at the Beach” is the name of a song by the Wiggles.  They, for those of you who live under rocks, are a quartet of Australian gentlemen who entertain the under-6 set.  They played a concert in Dunedin last week and I took my godchild.  It was an amazing, energy-filled concert, and I had a ball.

It is funny how being away from creature comforts makes you appreciate them ever so much. The humble toilet, with its cascade of flushing water, has been sorely missed by yours truly for the past 5 days. But now I am home again! At least for three days or so. Then we are probably going back for more. (more…)