Beyond the GyreBeyond the Gyre will be out in paperback on July 28th.  This is the fourth and final book in the Song of the Arkafina series.  I’m pretty proud of the little stack of books I have on my bookshelf now.  Hopefully Wintermoon Ice and Summermoon Fire will join them some day.

Beyond the GyreBeyond the Gyre has now hit the aether, available from Fictionwise, Amazon and all the other people on the side bar. For more details, check out the tab at the top of my blog!

Its always exciting (and nerve-wracking) for me when a new work is released. Especially this one, because there have been a few hang-ups and delays. This officially closes the book (ha ha bad pun I know) on Arkafina, and lends a sense of urgency to my latest writing. I had quite a big back log when I got my publishing contract, so I wasn’t too worried about production. But now I have only one book ready, and a single chapter of another.

Time to get busy!

My hard drive went belly up again last night.  The second time in three months.  *sigh*  I hope I haven’t lost any work, but that remains to be seen.  I was a lot more careful about backing things up after the last debacle, but even so, there would be a whole days worth of revision of Beyond the Gyre gone.  BTG is supposed to be coming out mid-November, and hopefully having to reinstall everything on my hard drive isn’t going to change that.

Not making a lot of progress with my new book.  I can’t really blame the computer for that one.  Sometimes getting that first chapter in the can is difficult.  But I will get there.

Just a quick post to say that I have sent BTG off to my publisher for the first round of editing. I am a little nervous, because I had a great deal of trouble with the beginning of this book, and while I am satisfied with the outcome I don’t know if HE will be.

It’s nerve wracking to say the least.

Progress on Wintermoon Ice has slowed to a crawl. My son was home from school all last week with a bad case of the flu. I spent the weekend working on another new cover for Ketha’s Daughter. I’ll post the candidates sometime later today.

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I have been engaged in an interesting project over the past few days, drawing up a ‘Family Tree’ for the characters of Song of the Arkafina.  I may or may not include the finished diagram as an appendix to the last volume Beyond the Gyre.  It might be helpful, because there are A LOT of characters.  But on the other hand, it would give crucial aspects of the story away.  Fine, as long as the reader waits until they finish all the books before looking at the charts.  But what if they don’t?

I am amazed at how complex the interrelationships of my characters have grown over the course of the four books.  Some characters married people to whom they were related.  The closest are first cousins, which is legal, but only in some places. 🙂 There are adopted children, half-brothers and sisters, multiple spouses, children of affairs–you get the idea.  Somehow charting all this has made it seem even more real to me.

I used a free program called Family Tree Maker, available from My Heritage, a site dedicated to genealogy.

Even if I don’t decide to use the finished chart, I still think the exercise was worthwhile.  I plan to base several more books around the world I built for Song of the Arkafina, which I named the Gyre Cosmos.  The characters and their descendants will be making cameo appearances in the later works, and I know I will not be able to carry around all those complex relationships in my head forever.

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What I am reading:The Call of the Sword/Roger Taylor

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Spent all day yesterday rebuilding my system after DH replaced my hard drive with something bigger and faster.  It took a looonnng time to reinstall all the software and configure it the way I like it.  But now it is about 90% finished and I can get back to writing.  Hopefully.  But since I also have this awful, awful cold, it might be difficult to concentrate.

I have been reading the poetry of Robert Service, who was born in Scotland but wrote his most famous poems about the Canadian wilderness.  A lot of people think it isn’t terribly sophisticated stuff, but it has a lovely rhythm and picturesque use of language that I find appealing.  I have also written some poetry, but not much of it has ever seen the light of day.  It tends to be a thing I do when I am depressed, and so doesn’t make terribly cheerful reading afterwards.

I  just returned a contract to my publisher for printed versions of Song of the Arkafina, and I am looking forward to being able to hold my work in my hands.  (Even though technically I can do that with the ebook reader, it just isn’t the same thing.  Maybe that is why they haven’t taken off the way people predicted they would?)

We are shooting for Sept 22nd as a target date for Beyond the Gyre, so I had better get cracking on a new page and some cover art!


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