January 2009

Going to the United States for a month, so posts may be (even more) spotty. I’m not bringing my laptop, and don’t plan to do much work.

The good news first.  C25K is going well, and I’m eating very healthily.

But I don’t seem to be getting much done in the way of writing.  Partly because of the weather–for here, its been pretty good and we have been taking advantage of it by going out for walks.  I’ve also been hung up on other writing responsibilities that I have slowly worked through.   I just finished the last one yesterday!  I’ve said no to everything else sent my way, so I have a clean schedule for the next few months.  But will the motivation return?

Sometimes I think I have a motivation dispenser in my head.  It works well for writing when I am not doing other things like exercise.  But when I am really motivated by diet and fitness, then my writing discipline suffers.  Could it be that there is only a finite amount, and I have to spread it around?

I’m gearing up mentally for my annual trip to the USA.  This year we are going in January rather April so the time is nigh.  We’ll do the usual trip on the Sunset Limited across the West, and end up in New Orleans on January 25th.  I’m looking forward to that part, but not the airplane.

I’ve been listening to a hypnotic induction by a guy named Paul McKenna to help me conquer my fear of flying.  I’ve used his stuff before and found it helpful, so it will be interesting to see if it has any effect on me this time.  I am, from past experience, very suggestible when it comes to hypnosis, so it might work.  I hope so.  Spending thirteen hours on an airplane being freaked out by every bump and engine burp is no fun.

Just back from the Catlins, where we spent four days in glorious (for there anyhow) weather.  The ocean was still a little cold for my taste, but there were quite a few surfers in the water.

I did a little writing while I was there, but really the weather was so nice I just wanted to be outside.  Given the fact that the sun doesn’t set until about 10:15 PM at this time of year that makes for some pretty long days!

In the evenings I amused myself by making a cardboard model of a Viking ship.  It took a lot of cutting and gluing.  I have never tried anything like this before and I found it quite enjoyable, although I don’t think my results looked exactly like the picture in the book.  Next I have an Elizabethan warship to put together, and it will be even more difficult.

Curio Bay tree stumps

Curio Bay tree stumps

One day we drove further along the coast to a place called Curio Bay.  It is a natural rock shelf that the tide washes over, full of interesting tidal pools.  You can see the occasional yellow-eyed penguin.  But the most amazing thing is the petrified wood forest of stumps and fallen trees.  These were laid down during the Jurassic period, back when NZ was practically at the South Pole and part of Gondwanaland.  It is an amazing place.

I just finished week five of C25K.  The last run was twenty minutes in a row.  I did it!