Beyond the Gyre

Volume Four of Song of the Arkafina

Beneath the towering trees of Deres Tama, fortune unites three generations of women in a desperate attempt to save the Gyre from fiery annihilation.

Short Synopsis:

The island of Asaruthe has sheltered the Dawnmaid for the past sixteen years, but now that Yr has fallen prey to a deadly plague, it is clear she must leave–and soon.  Yet, Myriadne Svalbarad cannot speak normally or care for herself.  How will she make her way back to her homeland?  Katkin du Chesne and her daughter Poppy travel with Myriadne and help her free the Firaithi from Maggrai’s diabolical laboratory in the former Infirmarie on Isle St. Valery.

Meanwhile, Gunnar Strong Arm’s twin sons, Jakob and Lut, are feuding with each other.  When Jakob carelessly gap shifts, he leaves a trail that Maggrai’s minions can follow back to Asaruthe.  The death and havoc they wreak will send Lut on a mission of vengeance against Maggrai–and his brother, Jakob.

When the final battle takes place on Deres Tama, the Dawnmaid must find a way to converse with her enemies, the Angellus, before they attack the secret haven of the Firaithi with their unquenchable fire.  What is it they have been defending through all the turns of the Gyre?  The answer astonishes both Amaranthine and human alike.

Though Katkin has lost almost everything she cares for in the conflict, she sacrifices her remaining strength to free her beloved homeland Beaumarais from the ravages of lawlessness and the plague.

Nevertheless, a guardian angel is waiting to help her find happiness in the new turn of the Gyre.

Out now from Mushroom Ebooks!  Also available in paperback from Bladud Books.


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