Just heard from my editor that he is happy with Ketha’s Daughter, with the exception of a few minor formatting issues. So it looks as though we are on track to get the book out on April 21st, as planned.

He said he liked it more than Heart of Hythea, which makes me pretty happy. But then he said that he expects the next two to be even better, argh! Pressure…

I am quite sure that book 3, Birth of the Dawnmaid, is as good as the first two, but Beyond the Gyre… Well I just don’t know. But fortunately I still have plenty of time to fix it. I think objectivity might be an issue at this point.

If I work really hard over the weekend I should be finished with all the editing. Then I can go on vacation and leave my lap top behind. Yaya!

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Patience is a virtue, but with writing it is a necessity.

It helps if you are born with a reserve of patience, if not you will almost certainly develop one if you stay in the writing business for any length of time. The number one rule to remember is that everything takes at least three times as long as you think it ought to. If someone at a magazine says they will get back to you in a week, then expect it to take three. If you submit a book to a publisher, especially if it goes on the slush pile, it can take six months or more. Even if you get a contract, it will be at least year before you see your words in print.

E books are a little better.

It is important to keep track of your work and where it is in the process. Send emails now and again to touch base, but don’t be a pest. Editors are busy, busy people and they try hard to get things done on time.

If you are playing the waiting game, then keep busy. Start on a new story or novel, or do research for a future project. Have several things cooking at once.

Right now I am editing book I of Song of the Arkafina, going through Book II with my writing buddy, and doing new words for Book IV. I am also researching the Winter War, between Finland and the USSR, with the idea of using it as a backdrop for a new series that I will start writing next year, when I finish Book IV. And I am always thinking of short stories, though I rarely get around to actually doing them. But I have a file where I keep these ideas, and someday…