The paperback!

My book, Heart of Hythea, is up on Amazon in the paperback edition!   🙂

If any of you lovely people have read it, or even if you haven’t and want to be nice, could you visit the page and leave a review?  I’ll be ever so grateful…

The galleys for Heart of Hythea arrived while we were away this weekend, so I had a nice surprise waiting for me.  Hopefully the book will be out by Christmas.

We had a great time at the beach house on Purakaunui Bay, loads of sunny weather and some yummy salmon steaks for dinner.  I climbed about halfway up the cliffs on the other side of the bay, so I got plenty of exercise.

Today I entered Heart of Hythea and Ketha’s Daughter in the running for the Eppie awards. Eppies, for those of you who are unfamiliar, are handed out each year by EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection. The last day to submit your book is October 4th.

From their website, in case you wonder if you qualify:

Any e-book published in English and released for sale between October 1, 2007 and September 30, 2008 inclusively, including self- and subsidy-published books, are encouraged to enter the 2009 EPPIE Contest.

Membership in EPIC is not required, but the entry is cheaper if you are. There are thirty categories, and the hardest part for me was deciding which one my books belonged in!

Winners will be announced next March. Wish me luck!

On an unrelated note–
Because it is school holidays, my son and I went to see WALL-E, the latest animated offering from Pixar. I have seen most of the movies made by Pixar at one time or another, and I have to say that WALL-E was a big disappointment. It has been criticized for being boring, because there is no dialog for the first thirty minutes. This didn’t bother me. The amazing animation in the future-Earth scenes made that part of the story entrancing. But when WALL-E, the title character, goes into space to rescue his love, then the movie just falls apart. The plot is thin, and terribly, terribly preachy.

I can’t be the only person who thinks that Disney/Pixar are hypocritical in portraying an world ruined by rampant consumerism. How many Buzz Lightyear toys do you think are clogging the landfills?

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I’ve been busy acquiring a short, sharp education in paperback cover art.  It is much more complex than I thought.  You have to start with a very high quality picture.  It has to be a certain size, to allow for trimming.  Everything important must be away from the edges, so that it doesn’t get trimmed.  Insignificant flaws in the image are magnified.  It is complicated stuff, I tell you, but I am enjoying the process.

I got nothing done yesterday, thanks to a dose of food poisoning, probably from some fish I ate Sunday night.  But today I have been good–I have finished a review for Sagefire that I promised them ages ago, and worked on the cover for Heart of Hythea. And now I am telling you about it in a blog posting! 🙂

What I am listening to: Kammersymphonien/Arnold Schoenberg
What I am reading: The Campfire Girls at School/Hildegard G. Frey

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I have been given the publication dates for the paperback versions of Song of the Arkafina.  It looks as though Volume I, Heart of Hythea, will be out by the middle of next month, assuming we can get everything organized.  The cover art for a book is a bit different than that for an ebook cover, because you have a spine and a back to fill up as well. I have made a little icon for the series to go on the spine.

I will post more information as I have it, but right now the idea is to have all the books in paperback by Christmas!  (Hmm…  Guess I know what everyone is getting for a present this year!)

On a different tack, I found the most amazing internet comic this morning.  I am the last person who ever hears about anything cool, so forgive me if this is old news.  Check out:


The strip is set in prohibition-era St. Louis, and has the most beautiful artwork imaginable, especially if you are a cat-lover like me!

What I am reading: Nothing.  My daughter has my ebook reader…

What I am listening to: Blood, Fire, Death/Bathory

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I added another snippet to the review tab, also for Heart of Hythea.  Dandelion, from the Long and Short website was kind enough to take a look at my work.  It is a good review, nicely balanced between positive comments and also a couple of criticisms, so I feel pretty happy with it.

Have a look here, if you want to read the review in its entirety.