Beyond the GyreBeyond the Gyre has now hit the aether, available from Fictionwise, Amazon and all the other people on the side bar. For more details, check out the tab at the top of my blog!

Its always exciting (and nerve-wracking) for me when a new work is released. Especially this one, because there have been a few hang-ups and delays. This officially closes the book (ha ha bad pun I know) on Arkafina, and lends a sense of urgency to my latest writing. I had quite a big back log when I got my publishing contract, so I wasn’t too worried about production. But now I have only one book ready, and a single chapter of another.

Time to get busy!

Well, I have been taking it easy for the last month, but it is time to get back to writing.  Actually, for me, not writing is much harder than writing, and I’ve only been taking a break because everyone in my family demanded it!  🙂

But enough, already!  I’m ready to start Summermoon Fire, the second book in the Sons of the Mariner…

So–I’ve refreshed my widget, sharpened my keyboard, and poured a fresh, steaming hot cup of words.  Let the fun begin!

Just wrote the first 1000 words of a brand new book. I have been procrastinating about starting. It is just so darned scary. But fun. You know that moment when you are riding the roller coaster and it is cranking up that first looong incline, preparatory to that drop that sends your stomach into your mouth? Scary fun, like that…

So many new characters, a new setting, even a new era to bring to life! I won’t really feel good until I have at least three or four chapters under my belt, and then I might start to relax a little. With me I always feel as though everything I have accomplished so far has been due to luck and I fully expect the bottom to drop out at any moment.

I have no idea how successful I will have to be at writing before I start to believe in myself. Kind of silly, I suppose.

* * * *
What I am reading: A Frozen Hell;The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940/William Trotter

What I am listening to: Analogue/ a-ha

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