The last book of Song of the Arkafina will be out November 17th, all being well with Fictionwise.  This has taken a long time to happen, and I am pleased.  I am not sure which direction I am heading in at the moment.  I have recently started on Summermoon Fire, but haven’t gotten to the point where I felt I could update the progress bar.  I am still in the planning/synopses stage basically, and I am having trouble bringing the two parts of the story in line with each other.  It deals with the same characters, Suvi in the past and Tessa in the present.  Both will face new danger and heartache.  But whereas Tessa’s story will span just a few months, Suvi’s story covers many years.  Kind of difficult to integrate.

I am working on a couple of ideas though.  🙂

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I know it seems incredible, but this is the way I work: I never decide the events leading up to the ending until the… End.

I have a chapter by chapter outline, but the ending is always pretty vague, and tends to change quite a bit over the months involved in writing a book. I just started Chapter 19 of Wintermoon Ice, which will be the final chapter. Yesterday I put the final plot twist in place. Why wait so long?

Well, the thing about plot twists is, you want them to come out of nowhere. The reader must be surprised and yet, the twist device must sit “naturally” within the arc of the story. A tall order. For me, it is easier to decide at the end, and go back and salt the story with tiny clues. This time I had two ideas in mind. I tried the first, but ran into logistical problems almost immediately. (How to get the body back up the stairs, basically.) Nothing worked. Nothing seemed natural. So taking a Taoist approach, I bagged this twist and went on to the next one.

Now I’m happy! 🙂

Maybe other authors do it the other way round…

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I am happy to report I have been kicking some serious Word butt this week, and am now all but finished with Beyond the Gyre. I have to write some of the appendices, and the chapter headings, but other than that…

I am there.

It is a funny feeling. This is a story I have lived with for most of the last four years. You can’t begin to imagine the amount of mental energy I have expended on this, and hours and hours of typing and editing and…

So now it is finished, what’ll I do with myself? (Starting back at the gym would be one idea. Playing my hurdy gurdy another. Actually I have plenty of things to do. Even ugh, spring cleaning.)

But all I really want to do is get started on the Sons of the Mariner. I have the title, I have the characters,


I don’t have a story. Only the barest bones of a setting, some random articles left over from Arkafina, and an idea. So I need to go into development mode. The thing is, I have kind of forgotten the way…

* * * *

(New feature, in case anyone is interested…)

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