Last week I was on a bit of a high. After all, I had two books atop Mushroom’s bestseller list. I was working on book III, and felt as though I might have it ready to send off soon. I had a cover design I was happy with.

Now I am suffering not from writer’s block, but something more like writer’s depression.

It started when Ketha fell from the #1 spot. Yes, I know it had to happen, but couldn’t it have lasted just a little bit longer?

Then my writing buddy pointed out more flaws in book III that need fixing. Its all good stuff, and I will make the corrections, but I wanted it to be done by now.

The third thing was the worst. I had an email in my box this morning with the subject line–Heart of Hythea. “Oh goody,” I said to myself, “Fan mail…” But it turned out to be a letter from a book reviewer. I had forgotten that I sent Hythea off to be reviewed by Pangaia Magazine. The first paragraph was very uncomplimentary. So was the first sentence of the second. Don’t ask me what it said after that because I stopped reading it. I filed it in my saved folder. Maybe I will go back to it later–when I am feeling stronger.

But my confidence has taken a big hit, right at the time when I need it most.

I still have my contract to fulfill, so I will press on with book IV. But I don’t think I will enjoy it.

That six month break is looking more and more attractive.

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