Wintermoon Ice

Wintermoon Ice


Sons of the Mariner

A new two volume series set in the Gyre Cosmos.

VOLUME ONE: Wintermoon Ice

An unexpected inheritance throws Tessa into the arms of a volatile alien-hunting mariner and challenges everything she understands about time and space.


Wintermoon Ice is a spellbinding tale of twos: two brothers, two women, two cites, two times–all locked in a singular battle to save the worlds from a terrible menace.  The story, set on present-day Earth, features Tessa Kivelson, an archaeologist who unexpectedly acquires a mirror and a journal from the estate of her long-dead grandmother, Suvi Markku.  This bequest thrusts Tessa into danger from alien creatures called Polydactyls, and she turns to her exasperating neighbor Jakob Faircrow for help.  He is a capable defender, (and later, lover) but she finds his smug arrogance infuriating.  Jakob and Tessa must put aside their differences long enough to discover why Suvi left the mirror to Tessa, and why the Polys want it.  The journal provides vital clues to Suvi’s past life in Severnessa with Jakob’s twin brother Lut–a life that will shortly intersect with Tessa’s, when a magic gateway blends past and present, and brings the two women face to face with the creator of the Polydactyls.

Volume 2 of Sons of the Mariner

 VOLUME TWO: Summermoon Fire

When the mirror cracks, Tessa’s world will be forever lost, unless Lut and Jakob can reverse the terrifying changes they so foolishly wrought.


In the second book of the “Sons of the Mariner” series, a powerful new threat appears in Cloudy Bay, searching once again for the mirror left to Tessa Kivelson by her grandmother.

Tessa and her best friend Jane are cast into an alternative time line. Jakob, Tessa’s lover, succumbs to madness, leaving Lut to navigate this confusing new world single-handedly. Will Lut condemn his brother to life in a mental institution while Tessa helplessly floats in the twilight between life and death?

It is Suvi Markku, Tessa’s grandmother, who holds the key that will stitch together the ruptured worlds and mend Tessa’s broken heart.

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