March 2012

The collaborative novel I am working on is taking shape, and I really like the concept.  The eight of us will be contributing 5 chapters each, and will have our own main characters and story arc.  The connecting character will be a mysterious guy called “The Tourist” who travels in a time machine and visits each of our eras and locations in turn.  He ends up dead at the end, and the reader will have to figure out which of the eight main characters killed him! Kind of like Agatha Christie with a sci-fi/steampunk slant.  My character is Lady Felicity Dimond and she has a manservant, Mostyn.  She works for NMI (Newsmakers, Inc.) a business that “manufactures” news to feed the heavy diet of information that people want and need.  That’s all I’ve got so far, but I think it is a promising beginning.

I am pretty busy at the moment with grad school, and don’t really have the time to pursue full-fledged writing projects outside of my assignments, but when Pat Bertram, author of LightBringer, approached me with the idea of doing a collaborative novel I just couldn’t say no! I’ve known Pat for a few years, and we have “blurbed” each other’s books, but we have never worked together on a project.  There are other writers involved as well, eight of us all together, and the novel will be truly international in scope, with four countries represented.  We have decided to try something in the Steampunk genre.  I am a big fan of Girl Genius, the steampunk interent comic starring Agatha Heterodyne, but I have never written anything like that myself.  Should be fun!