March 2008

I have reached a point in Beyond the Gyre where the characters have one last chance to relax before the final showdown. I plan to devote an entire chapter (chapter 17) to this latency, also giving the reader time to catch his/her breath. But I am a little worried that I will lose my momentum, so whether this experiment appears in the final draft is up in the air. I have two characters speaking, or rather one speaking and one singing. Each is quoting something else–one a seafaring journal and the other a mythic poem set in a madrigal. I will intercut the two, trying to play off the archetypal elements in each and also include little snippets of the other character’s reactions. If it goes on too long I can always trim it later. (more…)

In my never-ending quest to get good marketing value for my time, I have decided to do some guest book reviews for SageFire. It is a good deal for me–I get read an enjoyable book, and then write about it! Sagefire has very specific guidelines for reviewers, which actually makes the job a little easier, because you know exactly how much space to allocate to each section of the review.

I found the whole thing straightforward and a lot of fun, and I plan to contribute as often as I can.

To see my review visit:

You may recognize the book. It is the work of talented author Susan Shay, a fellow blogger on WordPress.

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Everything is strange in the Southern Hemisphere. Just now, at Easter, when it seems as though the world should be reborn fresh and green after the long winter, we are out gathering blackberries. It is fall here, though you wouldn’t know it to look at the trees because most of them don’t lose their leaves or color up. The weather is getting cooler, and the days are growing short. And yet I am supposed to be in the mood for Easter bunnies! It is hard. As hard as it is to feel Christmassy when there are flowers blooming everywhere.

But we did get a lot of blackberries. Enough to make four big jars of delicious jam. I will still be enjoying them six months from now, round about the time most of you are out picking fresh berries, so life isn’t so bad.

I just wish sometimes that the holidays went with the seasons.

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I just added a widget to my sidebar, that links to a site showing the phases of the moon. I wanted the fancier one that included a little bit of flash programming, which would show the moon’s phase on my site, but WordPress apparently doesn’t support that.

The moon is important in Heart of Hythea. One of the main characters, Lalluna, is a moon-goddess. I took her name from the Basque word for moon. She is all the things I imagine the moon would be- serene, beautiful, distant and somewhat weak. The main character, Katkin, becomes her faithful vessel, a relationship that lasts throughout all four books. (more…)

I was browsing Wikipedia, reading a bio of Elizabeth Moon. I have read a couple of books of hers, and I wanted to find out something about her life. Turns out she is an ex-Marine, which does show in her work. But that is not the point of this post. (more…)

Pop over to Long and Short and have a look at my article on writing historical fiction. I found out about this site through the EPIC mailing list. In return for my words I will be featured on the Author Spotlight in April, shortly after the release of Ketha’s Daughter. It is great publicity, and writing the article was an enjoyable task. This sort of cross-marketing seems comfortable to me, and I am happy to do it. (more…)

No updates for a few days as I am off to year seven school camp with my youngest.  Hope the weather is good!

The page is up for Ketha, and publication date has been set for April 21st!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it–EPIC is the Electronically Published Internet Connection

It is an organization for ebook authors and publishers, and supports the industry in general. If you have published one or more books electronically or traditionally, I would encourage you to apply for membership. In addition to the mailing lists, there are also members-only areas of the site, with marketing tips and other information. (more…)

In the middle of chapter 13 of Beyond the Gyre. Just about to hit 65,000 words, which means I am more than half-finished. Yay! I have been busy with other things as well, finishing up the promo materials for book II (and thanks to everyone who made helpful suggestions in that regard 🙂 ) and working. (more…)