Starting a new job is always difficult.  You don’t know anyone.  Nor do you have the comfort of familiar routines.  Things other employees do with practiced ease take far longer when you attempt them, and you might make silly mistakes along the way.

That is what I found on the first day of my new job, today.

It’s tempting to want to stay in my comfort zone, and stay away from new challenges.

But learning new skills keeps me sharp, and adds to the sum total of my experiences.  I know that opening a door invariably leads to another hallway full of other doors; other opportunities.

Starting a new job is difficult, but to truly seize life, remaining still is not an option for me.

It is the depth of winter here in “Sunny Dunedin” so I thought a cheering picture might be appropriate. I’ve just returned from a job interview with NZ Post, which would provide me with some part time inside work to do until the end of the year. I’d be manning a window in a recently closed branch, handing out packages. Only three hours a day, but hey, it’s more regular than Postie work.
The Universe seems to be herding me slowly and steadily towards attempting the MSciComm Master’s program at the University of Otago. I have a source of funds, a couple of really interesting potential topics for a non-fiction book, and a job that will end Dec 31st, if I am offered the position for which I interviewed today.
Which is all good, because nothing is happening on the fiction-writing front. Rather than forcing myself to sit down and write when I am hating it, I’m just going to get back to blogging and other pursuits. Maybe I’ve said everything I want to say in a fiction capacity?