Author: H. Beam Piper

Title: Four Day Planet

Genre: Science Fiction (Pulp)

Synopsis: Residents of the lawless frontier planet Fenris must cope with days that each last a quarter of a year.   One young man, Walt Boyd, a cub reporter for the local paper, courageously tries to unravel the truth behind a price-fixing scheme for the one commodity that Fenris exports, tallow wax.

Review: Piper is not well known as an author, but his influence can be found in the works of Jerry Pournelle, Charles Stross, Elizabeth Moon and Ursula le Guin.  Though he has been consigned to the “pulp” stack by modern reviewers, his works are in no way hurried or poorly developed.  Four-Day Planet is an adventure story peopled with memorable characters, a gripping story and believable action.  It is a perfect introduction to the works of H Beam Piper.

Rating:  7 out of 10

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