I applied for the Science Communication degree program at the beginning of October, and received word that I had been accepted in November.  I was a little surprised to find out that I still needed to apply and be accepted by the University itself, and this was a completely different process.  I had to resubmit my university transcript, which was a little tricky since the Centre for Science Communication still had it locked in their office.  But I eventually retrieved it, sent everything in and had an anxious few weeks waiting for this other acceptance to go through.  My anxiety was not helped by a letter from the admissions people detailing MORE things I needed to submit, including a CV and a 600 word essay on a prescribed topic.  I found out later that it was sent in error, but not before I had written the essay!

Now I have in my hand a course approval form, which apparently is the University’s way of telling me that I am in.  All I have to do is show up on the correct day, at the correct place and hope I have selected the correct papers to meet the requirements for the stream I have signed up for–creative non-fiction writing.

More to follow…