Still no joy on Fictionwise and due to a policy change it might be up to two more weeks before Dawnmaid appears.  Arg.  It is available from other retailers now, but I’d like to see it on Fictionwise too!  Writing is not a job for the impatient, I assure you.

I went to see Mamma Mia today with my lovely daughters, and it was brilliant!  Funny, heartwarming and so toe-tappingly entertaining.  Of course I grew up with the music of Abba, but they weren’t a favorite of mine.  My tastes, then and now, tend to run to harder rock.  But to see Meryl Streep and Co. performing all those familiar tunes gave them new life.  She has a marvelous voice, and Colin Firth didn’t do too badly either.  Pierce Brosnan’s singing made us all squeal, as did his obligatory shirtless shots!  Stellan Skarsgård was a revelation.  I have never knowingly seen him in a movie, but I understand he is quite a good character actor.  In Mamma Mia he was great as one of the three potential fathers of the bride.


What I am listening to:  Gold/Abba

What I am not reading: 😦 Thuvia/E R Burroughs

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