Spent a day and night at the beach house this weekend. We had really nice weather, warm and sunny. Did a little painting and maintenance on the house, went for walks, saw a young seal and a penguin on the beach. Not many surfers around, as the waves were small. Sometimes there are ten or fifteen in the water, when we have a big surf. Some people have told me that Purakaunui Bay is a premium surfing spot and people come from all over the world to try their luck there. (more…)


Awesome weather today, sunny and mild.  We spent the morning running errands,  going to the Farmer’s Market in town, and looking for Christmas presents.  Usually by this time of year I am done with my shopping, but this year, thanks to my publication schedule I haven’t even started yet!  Not that I am complaining.  I’ll just have to do a couple of marathon days sometime soon.

My name is up on the Mushroom website as one of their authors, although if you click on  me you get a 404 error. 😦  Hopefully that will change sometime in the next few days.

I did some new words today,  chapter 2 of “Beyond the Gyre.”  I was trying to write a conversation (well more like an argument) between ten people all in the same room.  It was pretty difficult and I am not sure how successfully it turned out.  I’ll have to read what I wrote tomorrow and see what I think then.

I may, perhaps, sign up for an intensive screenwriting seminar to be held at the University of Otago at the end of January.  I know little about writing for movies and television, and I don’t have any plans to do so, but I thought it might help me with dialogue and pacing and scene setting, within the framework of a novel.

Has anyone done any screenwriting?  Is it a subject in which it would be worth trying to acquire some skills?  This class is expensive, so I don’t want to do it unless it will be beneficial to me somehow.

Spent the weekend at our place at Purakaunui Bay in the Catlins Range in southern New Zealand. Before you all go– ooh, she has a beach house, I should tell you that this house has no electricity, indoor plumbing, running water, cellphone service, internet, TV reception, or even a road to get to it.

Here’s a picture:

Purakaunui Bay

You have to park the car up at the head of the bay and then walk about half a mile to get to the cabin.

It’s quite private, and I love it.

The view from the deck.

I bring my laptop and do a little writing, but the battery gives up after 2 hours, so I can’t do much. (I already mentioned the no electricity thing.) But that is good, because I go for walks on the beach instead, and look at the seals and penguins.

The water is incredibly cold, but bearable if you have a full body wetsuit. Which I do.

I feel very privileged to have such a wonderful place in my life