In my never-ending struggle to understand my difficulties with book IV, I came upon the idea of completion. The difference between this book and the others in the series is that I have to finish. Not just the story lines for this novel, but all the story lines for the previous three. No wonder I am feeling a bit daunted. I decided that I needed to make a more extensive outline of the plot, and make sure all the loose ends are tied. My own feelings play a part in this. I hate novels that end with things unresolved, unless I know there is going to be a sequel.

But I do plan to leave a character or two in limbo, to include in my next series, tentatively titled Sons of the Mariner. It will feature new story lines, new settings, and time period–I am looking forward to getting them out of the 18th Century, and into the 20th. I want my characters to be able to drive from place to place, dammit!
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