Though I haven’t managed any new words on Wintermoon Ice for the last couple weeks, I am still thinking about it. Just over half of the book is set in the present day, and I am worried that it will date once a few more years have passed.

It reminds of an incident that happened last year when my daughters and I sat down to watch the movie American Gigolo. I had told them about the famous scene with the gravity boots at the beginning and they were keen to see it. But when “Julie” (Richard Gere’s character, the gigolo) appears for the first time, they broke into derisive giggles.

“Look how high his pants are,” they laughed. “What a dork.” (Actually they said something else that I can’t repeat in a family blog, but you get the gist.

Ketha's Daughter paperback cover

It hadn’t occurred to me that they would notice this, because I grew up in the era when men, even cool and sexy ones, wore their trousers up to their waistline.  Now, in the strange way that culture has of grandfathering trends, anyone who wears trousers like that is a dork.

So have I written a lot of present-day coolness that is going to turn into dorkiness in a few years time?  I hope not, but trends date quickly.  By avoiding extended descriptions of my character’s clothing and hairstyles I might be safe, but what about language–and technology?

I thought my difficulties with transport in the pre-car era were painful and that is why I chose to set this novel in the present.  But now, I am beginning to wonder if I am happier in the past after all.

On a different note, here is something I have been working on for the last week–the paperback cover for Ketha’s Daughter.  See what you think.

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