Yesterday afternoon I decided that the procrastination had gone on long enough.  I started on Beyond the Gyre.  Managed to get four pages written before I had to cook dinner.  This book takes place fifteen years after the closing events of Birth of the Dawnmaid.  Characters that were merely babies and children are now the protagonists/antagonists and the parents, who were the main characters in the last book have joined the second tier.  Sort of like real life actually.

It will take me a little while to get into the heads of these new characters.  I have to think, alot, about how they will speak and move and behave generally.  Even though I know how the story will develop, in general terms.  I don’t do a huge amount in the way of outlining before I start.  Just a sketchy chapter by chapter synopsis.  It often changes as I am writing–new ideas occur to me, or things I believed would work just don’t for whatever reason.

I work quite linearly.  That is the best thing for me, but I know other writers who start in the middle and work backwards and forwards.

I have a long way to go, but it is something just to have started.