sad-faceI know I’ve been really remiss in keeping up with blog postings.  Too many other things stealing my attention, and I haven’t been writing so…

I’ve had nothing writing-related to say.


I’ve just finished synopsizing a new book, one that will feature a character from Summermoon Fire, but not be a sequel.  If that makes sense at all.  I played around with the idea of writing a full sequel, involving all the characters, but in the end discarded it.  It may happen, eventually, but I wanted to set this newest book in another world, and most of the characters in SF are firmly attached to earth.  So I’ve sent one of the characters on a mission, and we’ll have to see whether he succeeds in it!

The book has the tentative title of Darkspar.  The main character is Marrin Faircrow.  Can’t tell you much about his background without giving Sons of the Mariner plot devices away, but I can say he is 17 years old and a bit of a rebel.  That should be enough to get started with anyhow!