June 2009

Jakob FaircrowAndy found this cool site called Hero Machine, where you can “design” your own characters.  There are thousands of different templates.  I made one for Jakob, the protagonist of Wintermoon Ice. It was fun!

Just heard from my publisher, Mushroom, that they want to pick up the Sons of the Mariner series for publication.  So it is a great day to put Jakob’s lovely mugshot up on my blog.



Just finished my interview with Kim, and I had a blast.  I was worried that we might not find things to talk about for 30 minutes, but the time flew by!  She is a wonderful host and kept things moving very smoothly, even though we were live.  We discussed Heart of Hythea, my writing style, how I structure my writing time,  and lots of other things.

Made me feel like I was talking to an old friend.

Check out my interview here.

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