I just put the last touches on the chapter headings.  So I am done with the new words, and can start thinking about revising…

I’ll give it a month or so, then begin at the first chapter again.  I need that time to put some distance between me and my words.  I’ll also be going through it with my writing buddy.  He always finds things that I overlook.

I’m pretty happy with the way things have turned out, although the ending was not the one I had planned!

Now I am free to dream about the next book.  I’ve started my research, and have chosen a tentative project title:  Operation Darkspar.  This will be a stand alone book, part of the Gyre Cosmos to be sure, but with all new characters.  Probably at least one of my old favorites might make a cameo, but I’m aiming to write something that anyone could understand, even if they haven’t read anything else by me.

But I’m a long way from a story outline.