I’ve adjusted the word counter to reflect my final goal.  I still have a little more story to tell, but it’s definitely getting down to the bitter and the sweet.  This book has the murkiest ending of anything I have written, maybe because we are in the throes of winter.  It is cold and dark, and I’m sure that is affecting my mood in subtle and not so subtle ways.

But it is also a happy ending too, so don’t be put off!

Still no firm plans on what to write next.  I swing from one side of the compass to the other.  I think I just need a bit of a rest.

Tomorrow I am doing an interview with Kim Smith, for her podcast Introducing Writers. We are going to talk about my books, my writing style and who knows what else.   I’m pretty fired up about it, and also a little nervous, because I have no idea what kind of questions she will ask, or what I might say in return!  Hopefully I’ll keep my foot out of my mouth…

Tune in if you get the chance.