Otago Harbor

I got some good writing done this weekend, despite the nice weather.  I also went for a bike ride along a path by the Otago Harbor, which was very pretty, but full of other cyclists, most of whom seemed to be under age 8.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is awesome for little kids to be out getting exercise, but as a beginning bike rider myself, it is pretty scary having to dodge erratically weaving tots on bikes.  But it was a good learning experience for me.  Today I plan to take my bike on a longer ride, down on the Taieri plain, and it should be quiet.  I hope…

I am now about halfway through with Chapter 13 of Summermoon Fire.  I’m pretty happy with the story so far, but very few others have seen my efforts so it is difficult to know if I am proceeding on the right track.  I prefer to finish books before allowing them to be critiqued, mostly because of my habit of working backwards in some respects.  I like to salt the details of plot twists after I finish the main story, and that makes it difficult for anyone who looks at the book halfway to get a firm grip on the plot.

But already I’m thinking…

What comes next?

More on that in my next entry!