The words are flowing nicely at the moment and I am beginning my favorite part of any manuscript–the middle.  The first few chapters are invariably devoted to character introduction and a certain amount of explicaton/back story.  It’s a challenge to do it creatively.  The end…  well, I’m always feeling a bit depressed when I get to the last third, and also distracted by whatever I think I am going to work on next.  But the middle–that is when the action starts to build, important things happen, characters are brought together or torn apart.  I love it!

Last Friday was my 50th birthday.  I had a great weekend, with lots of fun presents and excellent company.  I set myself two fitness goals for my half-century mark: to be able to do 10 manly press ups, and to run to the top of our local mountain, Flagstaff.  Here is a picture of it:

320px-flagstaffdunedinI did pretty well, but I had to stop a couple of times on my way to the top!

EDIT:  Oh yeah, I did 9 and a half press ups.