December 2008

I thought trees would look pretty with the snow falling on them…

Hop on over to Pat Bertram’s blog, where I am guest author of an article on style this week.


The galleys for Heart of Hythea arrived while we were away this weekend, so I had a nice surprise waiting for me.  Hopefully the book will be out by Christmas.

We had a great time at the beach house on Purakaunui Bay, loads of sunny weather and some yummy salmon steaks for dinner.  I climbed about halfway up the cliffs on the other side of the bay, so I got plenty of exercise.

I have my first official cover blurb! On one of Pat Bertram’s soon-to-be bestsellers, coming from Second Wind publishing.

Have a look, here.

This does help with the sting of not making the finals for the Eppie awards. But I’m still disappointed.

I’ll be judging the final round though, so I can have a good idea what sorts of talent my books were up against. Maybe next year…

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