Here in sunny Dunedin, we have Thanksgiving on the Sunday before or after the American holiday, because no one gets the day off, and there is no football to watch.  No turkey either.  I baulk at spending $60 for a ten pound bird, which is what they cost here.  We had a couple of roast chickens instead, not quite as nice, but much, much more affordable.  Also baked sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping, green beans with bacon, a whole pan full of sausage and bread stuffing, regular potatoes and a green salad.  There were eleven of us sitting down to dinner, and not a lot left over at the end.  Except for dirty dishes of course.  🙂

I love Thanksgiving though.  It is definitely my favorite occasion of the year!  All the fun of a family get together, without the hassle of trying to find presents for everyone.

Just finished chapter 2 of Summermoon Fire, and will start Ch 3 tomorrow once my son goes off to school.  I am looking forward to a little peace and quiet after having a house full of people today.