I’ve been busy acquiring a short, sharp education in paperback cover art.  It is much more complex than I thought.  You have to start with a very high quality picture.  It has to be a certain size, to allow for trimming.  Everything important must be away from the edges, so that it doesn’t get trimmed.  Insignificant flaws in the image are magnified.  It is complicated stuff, I tell you, but I am enjoying the process.

I got nothing done yesterday, thanks to a dose of food poisoning, probably from some fish I ate Sunday night.  But today I have been good–I have finished a review for Sagefire that I promised them ages ago, and worked on the cover for Heart of Hythea. And now I am telling you about it in a blog posting! 🙂

What I am listening to: Kammersymphonien/Arnold Schoenberg
What I am reading: The Campfire Girls at School/Hildegard G. Frey

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