Spent all day yesterday rebuilding my system after DH replaced my hard drive with something bigger and faster.  It took a looonnng time to reinstall all the software and configure it the way I like it.  But now it is about 90% finished and I can get back to writing.  Hopefully.  But since I also have this awful, awful cold, it might be difficult to concentrate.

I have been reading the poetry of Robert Service, who was born in Scotland but wrote his most famous poems about the Canadian wilderness.  A lot of people think it isn’t terribly sophisticated stuff, but it has a lovely rhythm and picturesque use of language that I find appealing.  I have also written some poetry, but not much of it has ever seen the light of day.  It tends to be a thing I do when I am depressed, and so doesn’t make terribly cheerful reading afterwards.

I  just returned a contract to my publisher for printed versions of Song of the Arkafina, and I am looking forward to being able to hold my work in my hands.  (Even though technically I can do that with the ebook reader, it just isn’t the same thing.  Maybe that is why they haven’t taken off the way people predicted they would?)

We are shooting for Sept 22nd as a target date for Beyond the Gyre, so I had better get cracking on a new page and some cover art!


What I am listening to: Creatures of Habit/Billy Squier

What I am reading: Ballads of a Bohemian/Robert Service

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