I just got done reading an entry on Vana Roth’s blog about the need to do research for fiction.  She doesn’t see it as a necessary thing, and while I respect her opinion, I have to say that in my kind of fiction anyway, research is pretty important.

I know it is all made up, if it is fiction.  Still I have to create settings, and that is where I think research makes a difference.  For example my WIP is set in the 1920’s in the mythical country of Severnessa.  Now some things about it are imaginary, like the animals, but others are familiar, like cars.  Only they call them caravelos instead.  So I had this scene in which the hero gets into a fight, and tells his companion to get the keys from his pocket and start the vehicle, so they could make a quick getaway.

So far so good, but then I got to thinking–did cars and trucks even have keyed ignition way back then?  A small point maybe, but one that would ruin the scene if it turned out that cars didn’t start with keys until the 50’s.  I did a little research on the internet.  Well actually, I had to do rather a lot, because I couldn’t come up with the appropriate search terms.  Car key gave me about 10 million non-relevant hits.  So did key history.  But I finally found what I was looking for.  And yes, it turns out that most cars and trucks by the 1920’s had keys.

School starts again tomorrow, hooray!  I’ll be back to writing.  We have had some great days at the beach this break though, so I am not complaining.  But now it is time to buckle down and get Wintermoon Ice finished.  I am already thinking about the sequel, called–what else–Summermoon Fire! 🙂

Right now Sons of the Mariner is looking like two books, and then I have an idea for another series based around the Firaithi, who are traveling peoples that figured in Song of the Arkafina.  I think they deserve a story of their own.  But again, some research, about the Romany, might be in order.  I am thinking of calling it Red Feather Fables.

What I am listening to: Kronos Quartet performs Philip Glass/Kronos Quartet

What I am reading: Thuvia (not making much progress…)/ ER Burroughs

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