Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Thanks again to Andy, who must spend all day just finding cool stuff to do on the internet, I have made a Wordle of Sons of the Mariner. The names of the main characters should be pretty obvious… (more…)


My lovely little word counter widget shows I am making some progress with Wintermoon Ice. Today though it looks like I am getting a case of the flu, so it might slow me down a little. So far the writing has been good, nothing like the beginning of Dawnmaid which as you may remember was just an uphill struggle.

In this book I am alternating chapters between a story set in the present with one set in the late 20’s. I did quite a bit of research on the period before I started, and I hope to get an authentic feel. But since the world is ultimately of my own creation I don’t have to be 100% authentic!

The peoples of this world, (I haven’t given it a name) are born with birthmarks, called Soli, that determine which social strata they will inhabit. At the top are the Harps, the lowest are the Snakes. My heroine, Suvi Markku, is a Harp, but she abandons her privileged position to help others during a war.

Hope that gives you an idea where the story is going for now. There is bound to be lots of violence eventually, as well as some sex and romance, of course!

* * * *

What I am reading: Warlords of Mars/E R Burroughs

What I am listening to: Neon Bible/Arcade Fire

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