To add a cute litte word counter widget like mine, do the following:

1. From the Dashboard, look at “Right now” and click “widgets”

2. Add a new text widget and give it an appropriate title.

3. Paste in the following HTML: (Thanks to Andy for this!)

<div style=”width:175px;height:15px;background:#33FFFF;border:1px solid #000000;”><div style=”width:10%;height:15px;background:#00CCCC;font-size:8px;line-height:8px;”><br></div></div>1000 / 100000 words. 10% done!

4.  Edit the HTML.  If you would like to change the colors then edit #33FFFF and #00CCCC.  You can see different colors here, just get the code of the colors you want and substitute them.

5.  Now, as you progress with the book you will need to change the above code each time you want to update your word count.  100,000 words as a target makes it easy to figure the percentages.  (No, it doesn’t do that for you.)  Where it says 1000 now, you put in the number of words you have written.  Where it says 10% you put in what percentage that is of 100,000 or whatever your goal is.

6. Lastly, where it says: width:10.0%;height:15px, change the width to the same percentage you used in step 5.

* * * *

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