Just about to hit 105.000 words, and I do think I have the final details of the story worked out in my head now.

Does it always take her that long? I hear you asking yourselves in surprise…

And the answer is: um…Yes!

I always have a basic story structure in mind when I start writing. In fact, I usually do a pretty detailed chapter by chapter synopsis, so that I can break the main action down into manageable chunks, and get the flow of the novel.

But it is not like I follow a blueprint, exactly. Things crop up in the course of the construction, sort of like a builder adding a wing that wasn’t in the plans, or a totally different roof profile. The foundation is there, but the finished product might look a little different that I imagined it at the start. Maybe it is a good thing that I turned into an author rather than an architect! 🙂

Sometimes I remember a detail from an earlier book in the series. Sometimes I just don’t like a plot twist once I have put it in place. Sometimes I see something in the course of my day that I feel belongs in the book.

For example, last weekend DH and I went for a walk with the camera, scouting a good location for the cover for book IV. We didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but we did come upon a quite magical scene, under a grove of bright-leaved poplars, deep within a fir forest. The leaves were trembling gently, some drifting down to join the golden carpet at our feet. It was not the wind, but rather a flock of tiny little birds flitting amongst the branches that made them fall.

That scene is now in book IV, forming the backdrop for a sad parting that I had already written in my head.


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