Check out the new tab at the top of my blog. It is a page for Dawnmaid, the third book in the series. I’d like feedback on the cover image, if you are so inclined. I originally planned to call this book “Birth of the Dawnmaid” but when I put all that on the cover it looked cluttered and busy. (Also several people said it reminded them of “Voyage of the Dawntreader.”) “Dawnmaid” by itself gives more visual punch, I think.

Picking a title for a book is a serious business. You need something original and catchy that encapsulates the meaning of your work in only a few words. A tall order! I was pretty surprised to find that Dawnmaid hadn’t been used by anyone else.

Using made up words (like Dawnmaid) can be problematic too. I used to work for a national bookstore chain, at the information counter. Sometimes, people would ask for a book they had heard about on the radio or TV, but wouldn’t know how to spell the title. Sometimes I would be able to find what they were looking for. If I couldn’t, then the author lost a sale. I try to keep that in mind when naming my books.

I have to finish up the editing, and get it to the publisher soon. I didn’t do any writing while I was in the USA, and now I am having a hard time getting started again. Fortunately there are always other things to do–like creating the cover art and then blogging about it!

But now I have to get to work…

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