Sitting here in LAX, in a very untidy part of Tom Bradley terminal, where there are promised renovations.  Mostly it is very hot and stuffy, as they don’t seem to have installed the AC yet.  My experiences at LAX always run something along these lines, but actually so far the trip is going well.  Saying good bye is always the hardest part, and makes the last minute rushing around all that more difficult.  But we managed it, without leaving behind people, tickets or passports.  Everything else is superfluous.

As if by magic, to take some of the sadness out of leaving, I am pleased to report that Ketha is sitting at number one in the recent bestsellers list on the Mushroom book store at the Fictionwise site.

Just click on Fictionwise on the box at right to see for yourself.  So I am feeling pleased and proud about that.

I do wish New Zealand were closer to the rest of the world though.  Neil Finn has a song, called Six Months in a Leaky Boat, where he talks about the tyranny of distance.  Tonight I am feeling it keenly.

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