I have reached a point in Beyond the Gyre where the characters have one last chance to relax before the final showdown. I plan to devote an entire chapter (chapter 17) to this latency, also giving the reader time to catch his/her breath. But I am a little worried that I will lose my momentum, so whether this experiment appears in the final draft is up in the air. I have two characters speaking, or rather one speaking and one singing. Each is quoting something else–one a seafaring journal and the other a mythic poem set in a madrigal. I will intercut the two, trying to play off the archetypal elements in each and also include little snippets of the other character’s reactions. If it goes on too long I can always trim it later.

To get the flavor of a shipboard journal, I am reading “Journal of a Voyage in HMS Endeavour” by Captain James Cook. Though it is from a slightly later period than my captain is writing, it does use a lot of the right sort of terminology.

The sonnet which is sung is one of my own, from well before the time I wrote Heart of Hythea, but the subject matter fits perfectly.

I am trying to get a lot of things wrapped up before I leave for the USA, so I have done another review for Sage Fire. This one is for The Fire Within, by Joely Sue Burkhart. I found this fantasy/romance novella very enjoyable, so it was easy to write a positive review. Have a look at:


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