I just added a widget to my sidebar, that links to a site showing the phases of the moon. I wanted the fancier one that included a little bit of flash programming, which would show the moon’s phase on my site, but WordPress apparently doesn’t support that.

The moon is important in Heart of Hythea. One of the main characters, Lalluna, is a moon-goddess. I took her name from the Basque word for moon. She is all the things I imagine the moon would be- serene, beautiful, distant and somewhat weak. The main character, Katkin, becomes her faithful vessel, a relationship that lasts throughout all four books.

I enjoyed having the gentle influence of the moon wafting through the Song of the Arkafina, but for my next series, Sons of the Mariner, I will focus on a stronger, more “manly” planet, like Jupiter or Mars. It will not be a huge part of the story, but it will be there, in the background, helping to tie people and events together without the need for “telling.”

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