I was browsing Wikipedia, reading a bio of Elizabeth Moon. I have read a couple of books of hers, and I wanted to find out something about her life. Turns out she is an ex-Marine, which does show in her work. But that is not the point of this post. The point is, at the bottom of the Wikipedia article there was a link for Elizabeth Moon in something called the

Internet Speculative Fiction Database

which is another wiki — of authors, works and publishers. Sounds good, sounds useful, sounds like something I should be in, I said to myself. So I duly signed up, and began the process of editing the wiki to add Song of the Arkafina. Easy enough…

Name, check

Title, check

Publisher, check

Publication date, check

Format, che… Hey, wait a minute! There is a box for paperback, trade paperback and hardback. That is it. Nothing for ebooks, nothing at all. And no way to add it in.

So in the world of the Speculative Fiction Database, ebooks just don’t exist.

I have come across this attitude in other people as well. You know, the ones who ask you, “When is your book really going to be published?” or “It doesn’t really count unless it is in stores, does it?”

This is tiresome, and frustrating. Ebooks get little respect, amongst the industry, or friends and family. True, they are a small segment of the market, but a rapidly growing one. The age of ebooks is only beginning, and I feel proud to be a part of the first wave.

But sometimes I feel a little bit like Rodney Dangerfield as well.

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