By popular demand, here is the way to add those cute little buttons to the bottom of each post. They are the icons for various networking sites like Stumble, Digg etc. They can drive traffic to your site.

The main thing to remember is that you have to edit each and every post in order to include the buttons. There is no way to modify the html of the template so that they will automatically appear. But once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take long to add them in.

Here are the quick and easy steps:

#1 Click on the link below:

and save the text file listed in the post.

#2 Once you have saved the text file, you are ready to add the buttons. Write your blog post as usual, and then save it. Now navigate back to the post page, and double click on the address, and copy it.

#3 Open the text file (social021008.txt) with the notepad accessory on your PC. (Don’t ask me how to do this if you have a Mac, because I have no idea.) Using the drop down menu for edit, or ctrl+h, open the replace utility. In the top box type in xURIx

#4 Now in the bottom box use the paste command (ctrl+V) to insert the address you copied in step 2.

#5 Hit the “replace all” button.

#6 Now change the top box to read xTITLEx

#7 Erase everything out of the bottom box except the title of your post. If it is a two word title (like Social Bookmarks) you must replace the spaces with a +, like this:


#8 Now hit the “replace all” button again.

#9 Ok, almost there. Use Ctrl+A to highlight all the text.

#10 Use Ctrl+C to copy it. Shrink the notepad window. Now go back to your post and put it in edit mode. Go to the scary code edit tab. Scroll to the bottom of your post. Use Ctrl+V to paste the modified text to the bottom. Save it!

#11 Make sure NOT to save the changes to the original text file when you close notepad. This way it will be ready for you to modify next time you have a new post.

It sounds complicated, but honestly, it only takes a minute. Give it a try!

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