I started on a new chapter 1 for book IV last night. and so far it is flowing pretty well. This isn’t unusual for me–in three of the four books I have written, the first chapter ends up being chapter 2 or even chapter 3. In this case I wasn’t happy with the beginning of “Beyond the Gyre” as it introduced four new characters, and left the main character from the previous books on the sidelines. I still want to keep the material, but I think having my established characters speak first is going to work much better. Also I can add in some action (and sex) into new chapter 1, which is always good for grabbing the reader.

Writing really is an amazing adventure. It can take you places within your own psyche that you never dreamed existed. It can be healing, or sometimes profoundly disturbing. I try to maintain a sense of control by working loosely from an outline, but when things aren’t coming together, then I have no hesitation about changing it. Also the characters often want to do different things than I have planned for them, and sometimes new characters appear without warning. I don’t always give in to these impulses, especially if it means making a lot of changes to previous books. That is the disadvantage in writing a series, I suppose. But I enjoy the freedom and scope that having multiple books to tell the story provides.

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