Do you have a goal for your writing?

If you don’t, you should. But with a caveat.

Make it a realistic one.

You don’t see too many people who start running one day in their thirties or forties and then suddenly decide they are going to enter the Olympics and win a gold medal. But I know of quite a few people who think they can write a book or two and get published by a major NY publisher with a fat advance. In truth the odds for success are just about the same for the above two scenarios.

Why do people think getting published is so easy? It isn’t. The big publishers, especially in these economically difficult times, don’t want to take risks on new authors that might not recoup them their investment.

Does that mean you shouldn’t write (or run, for that matter?)

Of course not. Writing isn’t about being famous, or making money, or going on Oprah. It is about exploring yourself through the medium of fiction. It is a very enjoyable and worthwhile activity. It is a window into your own soul, and a chance to share part of yourself with other people. We need that.

So set goals to write and revise, until you have the best work you can present to the world. Then send it on its way–whether to an agent, big publisher, small press, e-press, self-publishing, or even a blog. Be proud of your accomplishment, revel in the positive comments you will get. Don’t let the a**holes, who only think in terms of conventional success, get you down.

That is what it is all about, my friends.

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