My son started a new school yesterday. He has left the safe world of the primary school he has been attending for the last six years, and now has started intermediate. I walked with him to the assembly hall, and watched as he found a seat amongst some other boys. I couldn’t bring myself to leave right away, so I stood off to the side with some other worried looking parents. My son sat silently, making no attempt to talk to the other students. He looked thoroughly miserable in his brand new uniform and too big shoes. I felt a little miserable too.

But after school he seemed cheerful enough, talking about French classes, and the school snack bar, neither of which were present at his old school. There will be more challenges this year, because school is both longer and more difficult at the intermediate level. But with challenge comes reward; woodwork and metalwork classes, guitar lessons, sailing camp and tennis team. I think he will do just fine.

It is hard to step back and let our children be free to make their own way. We want to protect them from everything, but if we do then they will never learn from their mistakes and become independent.

Now look upon your writing as a child, and send it out into the world!

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