I was writing a scene in which two male characters, finding themselves in a compromising and indelicate situation, handle their embarrassment by resorting to somewhat crude humor. This jest involves a pun on the words “fish sandwich.” I won’t describe it further, on the happy chance any of you end up reading my books.

Then I got to thinking…

When were sandwiches invented?

I used a handy tool I have mentioned before– http://www.etymonline.com/ to discover that the first recorded use of the word sandwich is from 1762. Good in my case, because the events relating to this take place in the late 1700’s.

There is a further question about whether “sandwich” was used with the shade of meaning I have in mind, but I resolved not to be slavish. After all, the world Yrth is an imaginary one, and I think I can take a little license. I think it will ménage just fine.

Fish sandwich, anyone?

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